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 +====== Scottish Consulate Badge ======
 +An electronic badge for ScotCon members and visitors. Low cost, straightforward self-assembly,​ unicorn or pusheenicorn shape, LCD, neopixels, multimeter, IO ports
 +Max 100x100m 2 layer 1.6mm FR4 material, 1oz copper, 0.3mm min hole, 0.4mm solder mask dam, 0.42mm min track, HASL finish, blue finish/​white silkscreen for minimum manufacturing cost from Seeed Studio
 +Form factor: Unicorn, Pusheenicorn or Saltire, must be easy to mill, no complex shapes/​sharp corners to minimise cost
 +ARM Cortex M4 STM32F303K8 Nucleo board (64K Flash), development environment ARM MDK V5 (free version, 32K code limit), OpenSTM 32 also possible, no code size limit but less stable
 +====User Interface====
 +Nokia 5110 LCD, 500uA @3V 6mA @5V (can reduce backlight LED current via resistor)
 +Neopixels on tail/mane
 +Buttons and/or joystick/​rotary encoder
 +0-50V DC/AC, continuity, diode test
 +UART/serial port - serial terminal or packet radio monitor connected to TNC?
 +Shitty Add-On (I2C) connector
 +Wireless - NRF42L01 module (cheap clones on eBay) - interact with other badges; 433 MHz packet radio receiver - pager receiver or LED control?
 +3V battery: LiPo, 2xAA or coil cell? Or 1x AA and boost converter? USB charging? ​
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