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-====== ​CampGND ​2019 ======+====== ​campGND ​2019 ======
 <​code>​ <​code>​
                                                               __,​--'​\                                                               __,​--'​\
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 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +<​code>​ <​Allie`>​ i feel a strong desire to sit in a field and do the same things i do at home but in a field with my pals </​code>​
 ===== What is it? ===== ===== What is it? =====
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 It's roughly an hour's drive inland from Aberdeen. It's roughly an hour's drive inland from Aberdeen.
-There is a train station 12km or so away in Huntly.+There is a train station 12km or so away in [[https://​​wiki/​Huntly_railway_station | Huntly]].
-There will be some people driving who might have spare seats, or can shuttle you from the train station.+There will be some people driving who might have spare seats - this information appears on the [[campgnd2019:​attendees|Attendees]] page usually. They may be available to shuttle you to/from the train station ​too!
 ===== What should I bring? ===== ===== What should I bring? =====
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 If you need food, drink, fire or supplies, there is a [[http://​​map=17/​57.44223/​-2.79808 | supermarket]] ([[http://​​map=18/​57.44876/​-2.80456 | actually 2!]]) nearby in Huntly. If you need food, drink, fire or supplies, there is a [[http://​​map=17/​57.44223/​-2.79808 | supermarket]] ([[http://​​map=18/​57.44876/​-2.80456 | actually 2!]]) nearby in Huntly.
-===== How many people will be there? =====+===== How much does it cost? How do I buy a ticket? =====
-Last year there were maybe 10 of usthis year we're thinking at least 10 with maximum of 30. +campGND is free to attendjust bring yourself and what you think will make great event!
-==== Confirmed Attending ====+Ticketing isn't something we do, you sign up by adding yourself to the attendees page. 
-^ Name ^ Project ^ Coming From ^ Mode of Transport^ Space for Others? ^ +[[campgnd2019:​attendees ​Attendees]]
-[tj] The Network, maybe some lights ​ | The City between the mouths of the Dee and the Don | [tj]'s car| Maybe | +
-| Hibby | Screaming into the void with all my might | Aberdeen | Hibby might own a car by then?| nope |  +
-| nicko | not sure yet | Edinburgh | car | maybe | +
-| Jim   | hf radio, portable library | Glasgowland | Horeseless carriage | Maybe |+
-===== Shared Camping Equipment ===== +===== don't have any camping gear! =====
-Equipment available for people who don't have their own camping gear +
-^ Name ^ Equipment Offered^ +
-| Jim | 2-person tent, lightweight sleeping bag |+
-===== Talks/​Presentations ===== +Don't worry - our attendees have some camping gear available for to borrow!
-We need people ​to talk about stuff.+
-===== Boring Orga Shit =====+Check the page to see what's available, or to offer your own gear!
-[[campgnd2019:​events:boating ​Boating]]+[[campgnd2019:​campgear | Camping Gear Offers]] 
 +====== Talks/​Presentations ====== 
 +This year at campGND we're really excited to be running a series of talks! The more talks the better! If you have some interesting science/​techie/​art/​craft project or thing to talk about, we'd love you to share it with us.  
 +If you're an inexperienced speaker or you've never given a talk before, CampGND is a good place to start - we don't bite.  
 +Add a talk to the [[campgnd2019:​talks:​submissions | Submissions]] page and we'll schedule it! 
 +====== Amateur Radio ====== 
 +We have been issued a special event callsign for campGND, GB1GND. We will have many licensed radio amateurs around that can supervise the station (make sure you are recording in the logbook when you are supervising the station) and **non-licensed campers can play radio too** under the supervision of someone with a full license. 
 +If you're bringing radio kit, please add it to the list: 
 +[[campgnd2019:​RadioEquipment | Radio Equipment]] 
 +During the camp, there will likely also be activity on the standard hacker UHF channel: 433.550MHz. 
 +====== Lost and Found ====== 
 +Nicko - Black/grey raincoat - mountain warehouse brand 
 +Jim - camouflaged tarp/​poncho 
 +Allie - sanity, tiny bottle of sriracha 
 +====== Photos ====== 
 +[[campgnd2019:Photos ​Photos]] 
 +====== Boring Orga Shit ======
 [[campgnd2019:​layout:​map | Site Map]] [[campgnd2019:​layout:​map | Site Map]]
-[[campgnd2019:​network:network ​Network]]+[[campgnd2019:​layout:village ​ScotCon Tented Village]]
-[[campgnd2019:​power:power Power]]+[[campgnd2019:​layout:cooking ​Shared Cooking Space and Food Planning]]
-[[campgnd2019:​power:lighting ​| Lighting]]+[[campgnd2019:​network | Network]] 
 +[[campgnd2019:power Power & Lighting]] 
 +[[campgnd2019:​events:​boating | Boating]]
 [[campgnd2019:​Emails | Emails]] [[campgnd2019:​Emails | Emails]]
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