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Radio equipment for CampGND

Name Equipment
Jim FT840 HF rig (100W) + data cables, QMAC HF90 (20W Military HF Rig)
Jim manual ATU, 30A PSU, 20m dipole, support pole
Jim Table to put radios on
Jim 230V 4-way adapter/extension lead
irl FT817 + data cables + tuner + 15 meter dipole
irl Laptop to run APRS/digimodes
irl 20A power supply, 4-way anderson powerpole distribution
Martin mcHF (5W SDR TRX with open firmware) & battery/charger for it
Martin 40-15m QRP end fed tuner
Martin FAA-450 antenna analyzer
Martin MFJ-989C manual tuner (ridiculous 3kW monster)
hibby Sotabeams Triband 20-30-40m antenna (125w Max)
hibby 7m Telescopic pole
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