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CCCamp 2019

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To edit the wiki, sign up and then hop into irc and give hibby or tj a nudge.

You have to do this - when you sign up you're dropped into a user group with read-only rights and we would like to verify you're a real person!


We are currently taking a list of names so we can approach CCC and ask nicely for a ticket allocation. Putting your name on the list doesn't guarantee you a space, but it does increase your chances.

Some of us would like to go. Who?

  • Hibby
  • tj
  • irl
  • anac
  • miek
  • river
  • Nicko
  • alfie (would like to go, finances notwithstanding)
  • Nordin
  • Jim
  • multiplexd
  • martin
  • Midder

Irish who hang out with Scots

  • tdr
  • Rob
  • elephant
  • jester


Travel 19→20 Aug there and 26→27 Aug back, overnight ferry from Harwich?

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