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CCCamp '23 Packing List

Van Packing List

Name Quantity Responsible Description
DPRM Consular Office 1 Hibby Main White Marquee
Shelves 2 Midder 2 steel Collapsable shelving
Inflatable Gary 1 ScotCon in ranbow bag
Free-standing Hammock 1 ScotCon Beige freestandign hammock
Tables 3 ScotCon One foldable table, two black ikea ones
Benches 2 ScotCon Foldable benches for sitting down, match foldable table
chairs 7 ScotCon 9 camping chairs, 2 camping stools.
Whiteboard 1 57N Whiteboard for sign
Workbench 1 Midder Black and Decker Workmate 400 used as whiteboard stand
Flegs ? ScotCon A Collection of FLeegs
Roadsign 1 ScotCon A scottish Streetsign
solar panels 1-2 Midder
batteries ? Midder
DMX lights ? Midder
USB 1 Midder
Electronics box 1 Midder
Cable box 1 ScotCon Random box of hopefully useful cables
Tom's box of Camping 2 Hibby Tom has assigned two mystery boxes to ol' Man Hibbles
Printer 1 Midder Paper printer to print in non-3D
Laminator 1 Midder
Projector 1 Hibby
Sledgehammer 1 anyone got a sledgehammer? putting massive spikes in the ground if there's a storm and we bottle it

Techno (responsibility: allie)

list is incomplete

box / thing qty size notes
mackie thump go 2 2 457 x 230 x 285 mm make the choons come out
elx118p 1 661 x 507 x 574 mm subwoofer, for making the big louds
superdrug cable trunk 1 idk do i look like a tape measure contains cables and such for the PA and allie's DJ setup
techno plane / puppetry table 1 50 x 50 x 8cm folded flat surface for which onto techno

Return Trip Only

Name Quantity Responsible Description
martling's Tent 1 Allie martin is buying a new tent in germany and it's coming back to scotland via an allie-favour

Wants to bring

Name Quantity Responsible Description
PiMPD 1 Hibby Music - make a copy of Alford, bring a pi
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