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EMF2018 was an absolute belter, and the consulate did super well.

Things that were great

The hard border, political jokes and barrier were excellent.

In terms of number of people engaged, the whiteboard was excellent. Scottish facts could be heard repeated around the camp just minutes after they were added to the board and some have probably been added to Wikipedia.

The asylum applications & associated performance theater were amazing fun. The asylum programme was a huge success. So successful that we had run out of forms. This definitely helps people to feel part of the Scottish Consulate as opposed to just visiting, so much so that one new person started an emergency temporary visa programme for those that came after we ran out of forms.

Things that were good

The lighting in our main tents was great. There was enough light to work by and all the major colours were represented. The lights were a bit of a pain to get set up and construction of some parts looked a bit fragile.

Shouty Tel was also a lot of fun but I think we are yet to see its full potential.

Ideas we need to develop

Communal Tents

Do we need to consider what tents we bring to events in the future?

The simple & quick construction of the Event shelter and the space offered by the double plastic tables were a real winner this year.

Maybe buying another one that's waterproof and roughly 5x5m would be a good thing to do.

Shared Workspace

We need to be more disciplined at keeping our communal area tidier so we can get actual things done.

Dedicated Music Machine

It was a little annoying using personal devices for music this year. Coin-op youtube jukebox anyone?

Events at the Consulate

Do we want to run events at the consulate? Solidify our evening parties into something much more?

Communication between events

Some of us are on IRC. Do we want to look at slack/discord/matrix/rocketchat/telegram/something else in addition to IRC for us to keep in touch / grow more?

What about starting a mailing list again?

Suggestion Box

  • Coffee Pot & Camera or ridiculous notification method
  • Big Red Donk Making Machine
  • DMX the consular lights
  • IRC control of the consular lights
  • DJ line up and dance party
  • Scottish Consulate kids activities - we were a massive hit with kids, and people have asked for unicorns their children can colour in.
  • Unicorn beacon hunt - find the unicorn with a yagi antenna. Like a foxhunt but more pointy.
  • Dedicated music machine - phones are so 2018
  • information screen
  • talk streaming/watching set up in chill out room
  • chill out room
  • improved disabled access - a disabled visitor was able to get her electric scooter through the barrier and receive her True Scotsman certificate, but was wasn't able to participate fully due to limited space within the Consulate area

Lost & Found


  • Lamy Safari Fountain Pen, EF Nib, Green ink - contact hibby
  • EMF 2018 T-shirt, size Large, Contact Allie
  • Powerbank, slightly larger than iphone 6 with lightning cable - contact diodenschein @ twitter (thx!)


  • ipad charger (bug [tj] on irc)
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