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What shall we take and how shall we take it?

Consular Van

  • Offices
  • Gazeebo
  • Palace
  • Power Distro box
  • Camping chairs
  • 2 x workbenches
  • one table
  • Propane and large Ring
  • 4 Beanbags
  • assorted boxes from 57N (including decks)
  • Projectors
  • Audio equipment for music playing+
  • Soldering irons and supplies.
  • tools heavy and fine
  • White board
  • Scottish Street sign with 'Scottish Consulate' written on it.
  • Stag Antlers.


allie has an Outlander PHEV, which takes somewhere between “some” and “a lot” of cargo.

allie will be travelling down about a week before camp for build.

car will mostly be full of Gubbins but there will be space a bit of other people's gubbins too. can also tow a small trailer, if that seems like a good idea. shotgun seat currently reserved for kara but this may change.

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