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EMF2022 was a fantastic return to hacker camps after a hiatus of almost 3 years. A big thanks to all our Scottish Consular Officials who helped organise EMF and to all the other volunteers and organisers of EMF. Another big thanks to Midder et al for lugging the consulate to Herefordshire and back.

Things that were great

The whiteboard continues to work well, engaging a large number of passersby.

The sticker box was probably the most popular consular offering, almost permanently occupied by two or three people sifting through our collection.

The roster of guest DJs was a very welcome addition to the consulate. Getting a crowd of folks to jump around in the mud and rain at 2am is quite an achievement.

The deep-fried buckfast with Irn Bru Sauce went down well.

Things that were good

Tent lighting was more pragmatic than colourful this year. Our RGB LED enthusiasts were busy organising EMF itself and so white LED bulbs gave us plenty of light to party into the night.

BuckfastFM was moderately amusing but needs some work on both the technical and content side of things. The current antenna and transmitter are probably okay, with a better power supply and some testing and tuning. A box running Rivendell or similar would be a good idea for automating content.

Ideas we need to develop

Communal Tents

The Consulate's collection of tents is starting to show their age. Everything worked well for the first two days of good weather but the windy third day and the rainy fourth day gave us all some exercise running around with ropes, pegs and a hammer.

The FCKU consular office, a reliable work-horse for many years, doesn't play well with heavy rain and wind. Assad's gazebo is okay with rain but doesn't enjoy wind and is beginning to buckle and bend. Saddam's palace does okay with both wind and rain but the fabric is at the end of its lifespan and beginning to tear.

We should spend money to fix this so that we can spend our time hacking, partying and relaxing. The current consular office gives us 24m² so any replacement should be at least that. There is the opportunity to collaborate with Milliways on this with both purchasing and storage. Milliways are keen to establish a UK collection of equipment for use during future EMFs.

Dedicated Music Machine

Still on the list from last time. Can anyone muster the enthusiasm to setup a wee PC for a communal jukebox?

Suggestion Box

  • chill out room
  • Dedicated music machine
  • moar stickers
  • buckfast/Irn Bru cocktails

Lost & Found

Edit here if you lost or found something.


  • allie's sanity


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