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EMF Camp, the UK's, uh, makery-hackery thing.

Dates: Thursday 30th May - Sunday 2nd June 2024

Location: Eastnor, Herefordshire, England somewhere.

Check out the EMFCamp wiki - ScottishConsulate


Name Origin Arrival Date Leaving Date Transit Method Extension Bringing
Nicko Edinburgh 29th 3rd Car TBD Deep Fryer
Hibby ABZ TBD TBD Car TBD Kenny
Kenny ABZ TBD TBD Car TBD Alex
Andy ABZ 30th 3rd Train TBD TBD
Mike GLA 29th 2nd Car TBD TBD
Nicola GLA 29th 2nd Car TBD TBD
Midder ABZ 28th 2nd or 3rd Van TBD Marquee, Stuff from 57N
vishnee ABZ 28th 2nd or 3rd Van TBD TBD
allie GLA 24rd May (video buildup) 4st June Vengabushi (right-hand seat) TBD The Party
eth GLA 24nd May 4rd June Vengabushi (left-hand seat) TBD
Martin GLA 30th 3rd Car
Jim GLA 29th or 30th 3rd Car

You can reserve a phone number for the onsite PBX network here.


The Consulate is not an expensive operation. Some petrol for the van will be about £160-£200 and a case of Buckfast to host our tasting evening is about £95. The proposal is for everyone to contribute £25 towards these two costs, with any leftover money going into the budget for CampGND.


Site is open to villagers from Wednesday 29th, Special Permission requires for Tuesday 28th.



We will be taking the DPRM, possibly Assad's Gazebo for the kitchen, and more (is the gazebo still alive?). The Equipment page holds the secrets.


Volunteers to run the deerocracy theater? EMF Villages may be running hacker passports, we are ready for this


Who wants to run the asylum program? Does it need a tweak for the current world?


In this village we will have events.

Saturday 20:00 - Clydehack Has A Party


Nick will fry chips, chicken and various other frozen delicacies in an unscheduled manner. Chicken salt will be available as a seasoning. Any requests from Aldi's frozen range?


If your project needs space or you just want to share it, write about it here.

-Deep fryer (Nick) - Deep-Fried Buckfast with Irn Bru Sauce is happening again

Twin Village

Decoration/Stickers/Give Aways


The road sign is going. Shall we make another?


The Whiteboard worked, let's do that again.


Are we gonna make up different / event specific SC stickers?

Give Aways

Are we gonna have anything other than stickers to give away?


Our Milliways friends are coming, check out their planning here.




  1. Check main 'DPRK' Tent
    1. Confirm canvas is ok and clean
    2. Confirm stake puller is nearby
    3. Check stakes are nearby
  2. Check the blue gazebo and/or event shelters - do we have any?
  3. Check cooking equipment
    1. Locate and confirm stoves are ok
    2. Find pots/etc
    3. Assemble kitchen cleaning stuff
      1. Identify and buy additional items needed
  4. Check and count camping chairs -
  5. Produce Stickers
  6. Produce plaque for twin village
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