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Event dates are 27th December to 30th December. Brexit may add extra fun and excitement to the travel arrangements.


Name Origin Arrival Date & Time Leaving Date & Time Accomodation
Jim Scotlandland 26th December 2019 31st December 2019 Cardboard box
Shell Scotlandburgh ? ? ?
miek Edinburgh 26th December 2019 ? ?
multi Somewhere in the central belt ? ?
Martin Edinburgh 26th December 2019 Probably 30th Dec Dunno yet
irl Aberdeen 26th December 2019 ? ?
ana Aberdeen 26th December 2019 ? ?


Are we going to try and run any events?


Anyone want to give a talk?


Jim's scrolling WiFi text sign was totally dwarfed by the Milliways display and completely ignored, we need something different this year.

Decoration/Stickers/Give Aways

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