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CCCamp 2023

The Chaos Communications Camp 2023 will be taking place from August 15 to 19, 2023 at Ziegeleipark Mildenberg near Berlin, Germany.

Most of the tickets are now sold. You might still be able to get some here.

The Scottish Consulate will be a sub-village within the larger Milliways conurbation. We will be participating in Milliways excellent kitchen. Milliways planning information is here. Add yourself to the Milliways participants page here to help them with kitchen and infrastructure planning.

Scotcon Attendees

If you have been fortunate enough to grab a ticket and you'd like to attend under the banner of the Scottish Consulate, to take advantage of our sparse and meagre amenities, then add yourself below.

Name Ticket Origin Arrival Date Leaving Date Transit Method Extension Bringing
Nicko yes Edinburgh 14th - evening 20th - evening Flight: EZY3261 & EZY3262 6425 (nick) Pneumatics
tj yes ABZ (but somewhere in Germany) 14/08/23 20/08/23 Flight TBD Cameras and funny hats
Phine yes ABZ (but somewhere in Germany) 14/08/23 20/08/23 Flight TBD stickers
tdr yes Dublin 14/08/23 20/08/23 Flight TBD stuff for a workshop
jester yes Dublin 14/08/23 20/08/23 Flight TBD
Dan yes Dublin 13/08/23 20/08/23 Flight TBD
Hibby yes ABZ (but somewhere in Scotland) 14/08/23 20/08/23 Vanter TBD
Allie ja sunny glasgow 13/08/23 20/08/23 kev's van (driving) 3953 The party
Eth ja rainy glasgow 13/08/23 20/08/23 kev's van (snoozing) 3840 lots of very small computers that talk to eachother
Jim yes Glasgowland 14/08/23 20/08/23 Airship tbd rainbow socks and cat ears
pera yes Edinburgh 14/08/23 20/08/23 Flight tbd
Martin yes Glasgow 14/08/23 20/08/23 Flight
Midder yes Aberdeen 12/08/23 20/08/23 Train 6433 Hackery stuff
vishnee yes Aberdeen 12/08/23 20/08/23 Train 4565 bakery

Consulate Space and Layout

The Scottish Consulate at CCCamp is located at the marker here.

The plan is to take everything on our CCCamp23 Packing list to Germany via van and ferry.

What you should bring

ScotConvoy and Costs

The Consulate is being transported to Germany in Midder's van. The plan is for Hibby to drive south from Aberdeen, pick up Allie and Eth, and continue on to the ferry. They are departing on the 12th of August and arriving at CCCamp on either the 13th or 14th, depending on logistics. The return journey is the same trip in reverse, leaving on the 20th.

There are some costs associated with this: the ferry; insurance for the drivers; and fuel. We are still estimating this but it's somewhere around £1500. This compares favourably to the cost of renting a tent from CCC. Scottish Consulate attendees are encouraged to contribute towards the cost of our collective infrastructure, details on Signal and email.


We had a great time in Mildenberg after four years and a pandemic. The CCC team did a lot of hard work preparing and decorating the site. The art and lighting were banging, especially at night.

The consulate was set up as a sub-village in the Milliways cluster. A big thankyou to Hibby, Allie and Eth for schlupping our junk from Scotland to Germany in Midder's van

It was hot, especially so for those accustomed to Scottish summers. Occasionally it rained, which helped to enliven the heat with some humidity. Afternoons were mostly for sitting still and chatting, evenings were quite pleasant.

Whiskeyleaks was a roaring success, raising a decent chunk of donations for Milliways. The Consulate supplied an MC, a DJ, and some bar staff. A brief pause in the tunes from 6am to 8am was negotiated with CCC orga.

The DJ setup was superb. The ScotCon system had enough watts that we ended up supplying tunes for the whole Milliways cluster.

The new tent was a great HQ for the consulate, enjoyed by visitors and Consular staff. We managed to bring enough tables and chairs to keep everyone happy. Saddam's Palace had its last outing, sorry Nordin, it was wonderful while it lasted.

The suffering of those without blackout tents was only compounded by the gloating of those who own such magnificent contraptions. Buy this £70 tent, enjoy hacker camps more, and join our community of smug.

Ideas to improve for next time:

  • We still need a music box of some description, to avoid personal laptops and phones being tethered to the tunes.
  • A kettle plus a water butt.
  • A new dormitory/chillout/beanbag/sanctum tent to replace Saddam's Palace
  • Perhaps a separate dedicated DJ/kitchen tent (stretch goal)
  • A chilly box (esky)
  • Some collapsible shelves from Costco (fast to put up and down)

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