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Scottish Consulate

We're a travelling hacker collective from Scotland who represent ourselves and our country at events round the world.

We aim to provide a chilled out, primarily social workspace in the mania of hacker camps and conferences for people to visit, stay, contribute to and share.

We run Scottish themed events in partnerships with other villages / assemblies we're friends with - whisky tastings, food nights, etc.

Where do we go?

Next up is our Partython

We go to every hacker event we can afford to - hacker camps around the world and the winter CCCongress.

We've got a big list of equipment we take to the events we can - decorative stuff tends to go to all the events, the bigger stuff only gets driven down in a van for the summer events.

See the Events page for a full list of where we go.

How do I Join?


We hang out at #scottishconsulate on Freenode - if you want to talk nonsense, have any issues, or want to join the wiki, come by and say hi!


Just turn up to get started!

You don't have to be Scottish to be a member, we run a comprehensive Asylum program for our international friends and refugees of no fixed abode!

Perhaps you'll need a Visa - your eligibility may be checked upon arrival at the border.

You can always add your name to our event wiki page and you are welcome to camp with/socialise with/party with us to your heart's content, but without appropriate paperwork, we may be suspicious of your intentions.

Of course, if you're more serious about Serious Consular Undertakings, there's always the The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Hackery for you to undertake. Perhaps, after a while, you can be inducted into the The Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle


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